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Leveraging the latest technology

The company’s three plants in Hamidpur boast of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced processing machinery.
The latest Sortex machines from Buhler Ltd., U K. form the heart of the plant. These machines are presumably the best in the world to sort rice according to grain colour. The rest of the machinery like graders, separators, de-stoners, compressors, dryers and polishers are also sourced from the most advanced multinational and Indian companies, all industry leaders in their own right.

Main Focus

Our company sees a huge potential in the Indian domestic market. The company’s main focus is trading in rice, rather than manufacturing. One of the main strengths of JR Rice lies in identifying, sourcing and acquiring the best qualities of rice across all price bands. Thus, the primary objective of the company’s three rice plants is processing – sorting and grading of rice according to colour and the size of the grains. After the process of sorting and grading, the final product is packed in the company’s own registered brands and sold to various markets across India.

Assurance of Quality

Over the years, JR Rice India has developed processes and systems which ensure that only the best quality of rice reaches the consumer. Some of these are:
• Identifying and procuring the finest quality of rice
• Providing a hygienic, clean and dust free environment
• Ensuring that at no stage the raw material or processed rice is touched by hand

Technology: Technology
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